Heat Treatment

HEAT and STEAM treatment is quickly becoming the most preferred method for removing any bed bud population. HEAT treatments are the safest for your home, family and pets as well as eco-friendly. Our 100% natural, non-chemical, non-toxic, approach penetrates wall cavities (crack and crevice), mattresses and other hard to reach locations to kill bed bugs. Heat can penetrate mattresses, carpets, fabrics, and other objects. Hence, killing living bed bugs as well as other pests not visible to the eye. Please be assured that with our high temperature, low pressure steamers we will target all those hard to reach places, like in between rugs and carpets, baseboards, tile and wood floors without damaging the space or its content.

Through the use of electrical heaters we introduce and circulate heated air throughout each space. When you apply heated steam at a temperature of over 310 degrees, evenly throughout each room, we are able to kill bed bugs on the surface level as well as the ones in hiding in a single treatment. This is the most important factor that differentiates HEAT treatment from all other methods. Since bedbugs cannot resist the heat this method will always be effective. Our heat treatment can eliminate all of the growth stages of the bed bug including the eggs and oftentimes eradicate the entire population in a single treatment. Through the use of our vacuums we physically remove live or dead bed bugs and their eggs, making your after-service cleanup less of a headache.

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