German Cockroach

The german cockroach is about 1/2 inch long and can live approximately 6 months. The female will produce 7 egg capsules, each leaving about 40 eggs. The nymphs go thru 5 to 7 molts requiring 2 months to reach adult stage.They are commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, and food areas. Although they can feed on almost anything they prefer to feed on yeasts, molds and certain bacteria. They can live a month without any food.

Two control measures are important: sanitation and exclusion. Good sanitation will keep the cockroaches away. Make sure to keep up with your cleaning, for example clean up food or beverage spills an keep garbage and trash in containers with tight-fitted lids. You can also turn on light in the kitchen to expose them and limit there hiding ares.

Roaches can be kept from coming indoors by taking the following measures:
Seal cracks and other openings to the outside.
See if they hitches a ride. They are often in items that have been brought in recently, especially things that have been in storage.
Locate and seal cracks where cockroaches may hide.

To control roaches you can use baits and sticky traps. Sprays or dusts that are registered for use on cockroaches can be used to control the population. Devices that make sound have not been proven to be effective.